(Supply Only For Contractors or Home DIY) Project Based PVC Fence Cost


This option is designed for any contractor or home DIY who will build the fence but need top quality fence supplies.

The PVC fence brand is Nextwood, and you can check out the product details.

Important Conditions:

Your responsibility:

  1. You shall build vertical PVC fences in 8′ distance and horizontal PVC fences in 6′ distance as much as possible.
  2. You will reuse the cut out leftover pieces as much as possible.
  3. Follow the manufacturer installation guide
  4. 30% deposit on order and 70% due on delivery

Vertex Fence responsibility:

  1. Deliver enough material on scheduled date based on size of the fence build drawing.
  2. Own leftover usable materials

Quote PVC Fence supply cost in a flat fee $/linear foot, similar to the way you quote the client.

Then the quoted prices will cover the PVC fence supply enough for your projects – including all posts, panels, basic pyramid caps, steel tubes, as well as extra end posts, aluminum U channels for corner post, gate bridge, etc.

You will build the fence yourself and the only material you need to prepare is cement. Installation instruction is provided.

(Supply Only) Quantity Discount: (excluding gate size)

  1. <=50 Linear Feet (Price shown)
  2. 50-100 Linear Feet ($2 off- use coupon code: 2off)
  3. 100+ Linear Feet ($4 off- use coupon code: 4off)

To quote your project, simply add your total real fence footage into “add to cart”.

Additional information

Pvc Fence Color

Adobe, White

Fence Height

6', 7'

Fence Style

Horizontal Fence Style (max 6' between posts), Vertical Fence Style (max 8′ between posts)