Vertex PVC Fence Features and Pre-purchase Guide

Vertex Fence is an authorized distributor of

Nextwood PVC Fence.

We mainly serve Ottawa and surrounding areas, but we can also supply to Kingston, Cornwall, Montreal, etc.

Please check up the Nextwood PVC Fence features, manufacturer warranty, as well as installation guide.

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Advantages of Nextwood PVC Fence System!

Nextwood PVC Fence is an excellent choice for your outdoor living space.

It’s designed with long lasting beauty in mind, made from premium materials that are built to last.

Nextwood PVC Fence is resistant to insects, rot, mold, and moisture, and is easy to clean and maintain,

so you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come without the hassle of yearly maintenance.

If you’re looking for a high-quality PVC Fence solution, Nextwood PVC Fence is the perfect choice!

Nextwood PVC Fence Feature 1: Dual Installation methods supported (Drive Post or Cement)

Do I need to cement the Galvanized Steel Tube?

Technically no.

The Nextwood PVC fence system is designed to only need to pound the galvanized steel tube (1 7/8″ OD) 4′ deep into the ground.

But you can choose the traditional way to cement the tube.

Which way is better is debatable even though majority contractors in ottawa chose to use cement.

This article compares Driven Fence Post versus other installation methods and worth reading!

Nextwood PVC Fence Feature 2: Using 1 7/8″ OD Round Galvanized Steel Tube- Very Strong

Round tube vs Square tube?

galvanized round steel tube

Nextwood PVC Fence adopted Round tube where all pressure is distributed evenly through round steel tubing.

This makes it incredibly strong and durable—more so than square tubing when comparing the same weight, especially since round tubing is roughly 20% lighter when comparing equivalent lengths.

Please read the comparative studies from professional metal companies: Orange Aluminum, and South Austin Metals.

Nextwood PVC Fence Feature 3: Aluminum U channel on Corner Post

Almost all competitors only offer vinyl u channel for the corner post.

Vinyl U channel is not strong enough and this is also where lots of PVC Fence repair comes as needed- broken Vinyl U channels on strong winds.

aluminum U channel

Nextwood PVC Fence Feature 4: Strong 2″x7″ Rail

nextwood pvc comparison study

As you can see, Nextwood Rail (2″ x 7″) is much stronger and stiffer than those of All season fence (ASF) and Homeland Vinyl (Tuf/Gorilla fence manufacturer).

In the wind direction (under the same load), the ASF’s and Homeland’s rail will deflect 88% and 105%, respectively, more than Nextwood’s rail.

Because of the rail design, ASF’s and Homeland’s pickets will also deflect about 20% more than Nextwood’s picket – under the same load.

Therefore, we can be assured that the Nextwood PVC Fence system is the most structurally rigid (and stronger) than our closest competitors.

BTW. The fence system made by Vision is even weaker than the three systems presented here!

Finally, Nextwood PVC Fence is made of 100% Virgin material, thus the material is stronger and tougher (less brittle) than ASF, which is made of Recycled Material.

Nextwood PVC Fence Feature 5: Fence can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Vertically installed fence: Maximum distance between adjacent posts is 8′.

nextwood pvc fence adobenextwood pvc fence vertically installed

Horizontally installed fence: Maximum distance between adjacent posts is 6′. The horizontal installation makes nice looking fences.

nextwood pvc fence whitenextwood pvc fence horizontally installed

If you still have any question about the PVC Fence materials, Call/Text or Email Vertex Fence.




How do we purchase from Vertex Fence?

In 2023, a new business model was piloted which turned out to be quite efficient. We will continue using this model.

In summary, we do not sell individual fence part but rather sell on project/job basis (a flat rate per foot) and this guarantees sufficient supplies for your project with the most competitive price.

If you are a contractor or home DIY to build fence yourself, check out the Supply only option. We have you covered if the project is located anywhere between Toronto and Ottawa, or Montreal and Ottawa.

If you are a contractor who can sign on PVC Fence projects – we can supply/build on subcontract basis for you. This is only applicable for projects in Ottawa or surrounding areas within 50km.

If you are a home owner who needs your fence built, check out the supply/build all inclusive option or supply/build on subcontract basis option (save money but will sacrifice some services). This is only applicable for projects in Ottawa or surrounding areas within 50km.

I am building my Fence soon, how quickly can I get my Fence Supply?

PVC Fence was sold on Project/Job basis – so we are able to fulfill most of PVC fence project/job orders over $5000 within 1-2 weeks as long as they are in supplier stock.

But we might not be able to full-fill smaller orders in 1-2 weeks time frame, which is more likely in 3-4 weeks.

What colors do you offer?

White, Adobe color right now and Light Grey, Chai/Green Teak/Mocha Walnut will come in 2024.

nextwood pvc fence white nextwood pvc fence adobe

What height do you offer?

PVC Fences in 6′ or 7′ height.

Do you offer Lattice on top?

No- we do not offer Lattice option.7′ Fence is the preferred way to go.

How are the fence pickets installed?

Nextwood PVC Fence can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Do you deliver?

We deliver any confirmed order- big or small, free of charge to your designated site.

All other suppliers only offer curb side delivery. Vertex Fence stepped up to always deliver the product to your designated job site i.e. the back yard for fence.

All contractors are busy with jobs during the hot season and there is also no need for you to show up to take the delivery and we can have the owner sign off the packing slip to ensure all quantities are right. We will always send you a picture of all products delivered on site.